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Great authentic food!

Ash, 19 Sep 2020

The food was amazing, however, unfortunately, no food is worth a 2.5 hour wait :-( They were apologetic, and gave us some extras for the inconvenience but I really can only give "average" due to the wait time. My advice - if you order online, call to confirm they have received the order.

Kemi, 19 Sep 2020

Never had an issue with my order and I only order from Moorish Grill. High quality food and always on time. Such a blessing to the community.

Nj, 17 Sep 2020


Kyle, 24 Jul 2020

Love the food will always be back

Mel, 17 Jul 2020

Thank you for the lovely service that you always provide.I appreciate you guys . .

Abdel, 09 Jul 2020

I'm glad i found this restaurant, One of the best (if not the best) in South London

Jon, 04 Jul 2020

I've been waiting 2 hours for my food. The website said maximum waiting time of 90 mins.?

Marvin, 30 Jun 2020

Very friendly lady phoned me to explain they were out of meat patties I felt like a valued customer and was happy to try the salt fish

Phil, 22 Jun 2020

Have been ordering from Moorish Grill for over two years. I always get the boneless large jerk chicken, and I order a few at a time. Fantastic quality every single time. Great value for money. Keep being awesome.

Niraj, 14 Jun 2020

Great service tonight and food was amazing and so on point! Big up yourselves!

Chris, 12 Jun 2020

The salt fish fritters were really oily and tasted like it was fried in really old oil. The curry goat roti was really unpleasant it was served without any gravy, roti is supposed to be moist and not dry. The oxtail was ok however the rice and peas was dry and hard and slightly burnt.

Anonymous , 12 Jun 2020

Ordered food from here and it was the best food we have tasted in a very long time. I wanted to give my husband a jamaican day for his birthday and Moorish grill out did themselves. Five stars all the way.

Caroline , 24 May 2020

Have just eaten food from your restaurant via Über eats. OH MY!! Delicious! Loved your jerk chicken. Thank you!

Clare Stannard, 22 May 2020

Amazing food , delicious , scrumptious. The delivery came 15 minutes faster. Very pleased with quality and quantity regarding the price. I definitely recommend this restaurant.

Maria, 16 May 2020

can we have peas soup with no meat or fish please.

Leslie, 10 May 2020

  Reply : Hi, we do vegetarian red pea soup and beef red pea soup on Saturdays. Order in store or online??

Love this place the food is fresh.

Sharon, 08 May 2020

Always good

Clyde, 06 May 2020

no comments

Leslie, 26 Apr 2020

food very nice. It would be nice to have a peas soup for vegetarians on the Sunday me u as well. Also a vegetarian curry would also be nice.

Leslie, 19 Apr 2020

  Reply : Hi thanks your comments we do have a veg curry on Sunday and we look into doing a pea soup on a Sunday as well....

Website is Easy to use.

Michael, 16 Apr 2020

Thank you so much for being open! I am a teacher, and by the time I get to the supermarket after work, the shelves are bare. Schools are closed for most students, but teachers are still in to cater for the children of key workers. At least this order will be enough to keep me going for a few days. So thanks again - I really do appreciate it! :)

Amanda, 21 Mar 2020

Love you guys

Stacey, 20 Mar 2020

Delicious food, Fabulous service.. They really look after previous customers.

Shanta Foster, 27 Jan 2020

The best Caribbean food in London

Tracey, 21 Jan 2020

The food is always hot and it taste nice and value for money.

Leslie, 19 Jan 2020