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Awful service, waited over 2hrs for my food which is ridiculous. Then the lazy delivery driver expected me to meet him no where near my location. My soup container had a whole in it which meant it spilt everywhere once opened complete waste of time. Appalled with the overall quality and service of this establishment, never experienced anything like it.

Lamara, 02Jun18

Lovely food

Adam, 02Jun18

The red pea soup is brilliant!

Geraldine, 12May18

lovely food

Adam, 24Mar18

First Class food and customer service!! Thank you!!

Sonia, 22Mar18

Good is always so tasty the best

Tina, 22Mar18

very happy with service so far.

Andris, 17Mar18

Wonderful food

Adam, 17Mar18

Shame wont be using your shop no more reason given is very poor service when it comes to orders received absolutely appalling. Will never order from you again...

Mehmet Mahmut, 16Mar18

delivery was late the rice was dry but food overall was nice

Nick, 16Mar18

Fried chicken meal could be bigger like jerk meal

Nevlyn, 15Mar18

Best Caribbean food ever. delicious

Adam, 03Mar18

Fantastic food, becoming a regular.

Jason, 02Mar18

Lovely food. Always gets to me hot and on time

Derek, 01Mar18

Thank you.

Kalia, 28Feb18

Delivery speed is so poor you are leaving yourself vulnerable to someone coming into the market and doing a better job. Trust me. Very slow is not an accurate description your delivery service is worse than that. Joke. have no idea why i have given you my custom for this long! Never again!

Saffron, 27Feb18

Lovely food

Adam, 24Feb18

Moorish Grill is absolutely delicious but the time they take to deliver your food is mental honestly, every time my food comes late i say won't order again but its so nice i can't help it. Please just fix how long the delivery time is.

Sofia, 24Feb18

All good

Adam, 17Feb18

Great Food

Gail, 16Feb18

Very tasty wish you did red pea soup everyday thanks it would really make my week

Annie, 23Nov17

Ok!! So... yesterday I ordered my food and once my order went through it said it would take 90 mins to deliver! Knowing that the food would be amazing I wrote my review early and stated how amazing the food was but it always takes so long and service is slow. Buuuut..... after about 40 mins my food was here!! Amazing!! So I retract the comment about length of time and slowness and now am happy to give a glowing 10/10 for the amazing flavour the great time keeping and tbh just for being there lol I love this place and faith is well restored! Thanks Moorish see you very soon

Natasha Winter, 17Nov17

Food quality is excellent, portions generous. The only failing is the delivery time.

Tracy, 17Nov17


Tasha, 17Nov17

I love the food here absolutely love it like with theeeee biggest passion but can never understand y it takes so long! I'm starving lol

Tasha, 16Nov17

The good is extremely tasty but the delivery is really really slow.... This has not happened once but on multiple occasions. Please hire efficient drivers

Aditya, 11Nov2017